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South sea hänge

Hänge med golden Söderhavspärla
South sea pearl.
  • Material: Rödguld.
  • Vikt: ca 5 gr 18K
  • Diameter: ca 33 x 12,7 mm. 
  • Pärla: Odlad Söderhavspärla 11,8 mm
  • Diamanter: tot 0,26ct Tw vs

South Sea Cultured Pearls

There are two types of the South Sea pearl oysters, both of the species Pinctada maxima; the silver-lipped and the gold-lipped. The silver-lipped pearl oyster creates pearls in the shades of cream coloured, white, silver white and rose white whereas the pearls from the gold-lipped pearl oyster have the shades of cream-coloured, yellow, and deep gold.
The South Sea pearl has several countries of origin. The white ones mainly come from Australia and Indonesia and the golden ones from either Indonesia, the Philippines or in rare occasions from Burma.
source Marc’Harit.

28 200 kr